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Basket weave beanie & messy bun beanie

I’ve created this pattern as my warm and comfy donation hat because it’s simple to work and gives great texture without boredom. I could do basket weave over and over on everything. I am a left handed crocheter I’ve decided I just better write that into my patterns now. I have for years crocheted many patterns from right handed people however and right handed people have made my patterns.

So without further mumbojumbo

Here is the pattern!

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US terms

Written in English

Hook: 5.5mm (I)

Yarn: any 4 weight (medium)

Notes: to make this pattern it will be in multiples of 3. So for a adult M I use 60 stitches. You can increase or decrease just make sure you do it by 3’s on the last row of DC increasing.

Sc- single crochet

DC- double crochet

Hdc- half double crochet

3rdlp- 3rd loop

Bobble- 3DCtog in the same stitch

FPDC- front post double crochet

BPDC- back post double crochet

Crab stitch- reverse single crochet- where you work in opposite direction of normal sc

This hat is for Adult Medium measures 8.5” both high and wide.

For a messy bun version:

use a hair tie and sc 30 around the tie and start at R4

For a shorter hat: omit R8&9


R1: Ch4,DC9 into the last ch from hook, ss, ch2 (10)

R2: 2DC into each DC, ss, ch2 (20)

R3: 2DC, DC, around, ss, ch2 (30)

R4: 2DC, DC, DC around, ss, ch2 (40)

R5: 2DC, DC, DC, DC around, ss, ch2 (50)

R6: 2DC, DC, DC, DC, DC around, ss, ch1 (60)

R7: Hdc around, ss, ch1 (60)

R8: Hdc3rdlp, around, ss, ch1 (60)

R9:DC3rdlp, around, ss, ch2 (60)

R10: FPDC3, BPDC3, around, ss, ch2 (60)

R11-13: FPDC3, BPDC3 around, ss, ch2 (60)

R14-17: BPDC3, FPDC3 around, ss, ch2 (60)

R18-20: FPDC3, BPDC3 around, ss, ch2 (60)

R21: FPDC3, BPDC3around, ss, ch1 (60)

R22: Hdcbp around, ss, ch1 (60)

R23-24: Hdc3rdlp around, ss, ch1 (60)

R25: sc3rdlp around, ss, ch1 (60)

R26: sc, sc, bobble around, ss, ch1 (60)

R27: sc around, ss, ch1 (60)

R28: crab stitch, tie off

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