FREE PDF WEEK 1 – Emilia Bunny

FREE PDF WEEK 1 – Emilia Bunny

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I have decided to try something new! During the month of june each week i will post a FREE pdf pattern that you can download and print. Absolutly no charge! But i would truly appreciate if you would share the link in facebook groups or your social media so that others can get the pattern for free too!

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The link to the pdf file is at the end of this post!

So for week one you will be able to download the Emilia bunny pattern for free! This is a pattern i have never posted for free before! So i hope you like it! And make a gorgeous bunny for someone to hug!

The bunny came togheter beacuse i wanted my kids to have something big to cuddle with when they where scared.

I get a lot of questions about the size of hook and yes the pattern requiers a 3,5mm hook although the yarn suggests a 6,0 mm crochet hook. This is why you need the 3,5mm hook: If you use a 6mm hook the holes will be so big that the bunny wont hold its shape and the stuffing will fall out. So this pattern is worked with a 3,5mm hook.

This is the perfect yarn for this project, click here to see what i used

A big tip from me is to use stitch markers, it is a tricky yarn to keep track of so make sure you mark each round.

Please note that further distribution of this pdf file is prohibited! But you may share the link so people can download it for themselvs.

this free download is now closed You can find the paid version for this pattern here


  1. Hello,

    my name is Mar I was wondering if I can still get the link for emilia bunny week 1. My daughter felt in love with the bunny and her bithday is comming up August and I will love to make it for her. thank you in avanced.

  2. I just joined group. Is there a chance I can still get the bunny please…so adorable and says it’s closed

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