Kitty the kitten – FREE crochet pattern

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This is kitty, kitty is an adorable kitten who is here for free for a limited time, right now we are all having a hard time beacuse of covid-19. Thats why Kitty is here to cheer you up a bit and brighten your day.

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She is made using a super soft and gorgeous chenille yarn, if you want to use the same yarn as mee you can find it here SIRDAR SMUDGE.

She is made using a 3,5mm crochet hook to make sure she doesnt have any gaps for the stuffing to poke out of.

You can read the free pattern from this site, the pattern is copyright protected and may not be copied from this page.

If you wish to have a printable pdf version you can find one in my etsy shop here:) Kitty the kitten crochet pattern

Materials used:

Yarn: Sirdar smudge 2 skeins of white, 1skein of pink (you wont need all of the pink) 2 skeins of white is just about enough, I recommend buying 1 extra incase the yarn used vary in size and weight.

White cotton yarn for secure sewing of the parts tog

Hook: 3,5mm hook (yes that is correct)

Toy stuffing

Safety eyes diameter 30mm

Safety nose

Eyelashes and eyelash glue ( optional, not recommended if a child under 3y is to have this cat)


Needle with a large eye

Terms used:

Standars US terms are used in this pattern

Mr – magic ring

Sc – single crochet

Inc – increase (2 sc in 1 st)

Dec – decrease (2 sc worked into 1)

Sk – skip

Pattern notes:

The pattern is worked in the round, Head, ears, body, arms, legs and tail is worked separately and then sewn tog.

The white cotton yarn is used to sew each part tog and create the shape of the face.

Safety eyes and nose is recommended to put in place before stuffing the head, I have not put the eyes in place to be able to show how you sew to get the head shape.

If you are making this cat for a child under the age of 3, I recommend you do not put fake eyelashes on the cat.

When a series of sts is repeated this are written within brackets ( – ) followed by the number of times it is repeated.

When you for example read (6sc, inc) x 2 that means you make 1 sc in the next 6 sts, then 2 sc in next st, followed by 1 sc in 6 sts, and another st with 2 sc in it.


1. 7sc in mr (7)

2. inc x7 (14)

3. (1sc, inc) x7 (21)

4. (2sc, inc) x7 (28)

5. (3sc, inc) x7 (35)  

6. 35sc (35)

7. (4sc, inc) x7 (42)

8-11. 42sc (42)

12. 25sc, (inc, 3sc) x 4, inc (47)

13-15. 47sc (47)

16. (dec, 3sc) x9 dec, (37)

17. 1sc (dec, 2sc) x9 (28)

18. 28sc (28)

19. (2sc, dec) x7 (21)

20. (1sc, dec) x7 (14)

stuff the head firmly

21. dec x7 (7)

Sew hole shut and Fasten yarn


The ears are made on rows, each row starts with ch1 and turn Make 2 of base color and 2 of inner ear color

1. ch 11

2. start in second ch from hook 10sc (10)

3. sk 1, 9sc (9)

4. sk 1, 8sc (8)

5. sk 1, 7sc (7)

6. sk 1, 6sc (6)

7. sk 1, 5sc (5)

8. sk 1, 4sc (4)

9. sk 1, 3sc (3)

10. sk 1, 2sc (2)

11. sk 1, 1sc (1)

Take one of base color and one of inner ear color, working through both pieces, make 1 sc all the way around


1. 8sc in mr (8)

2. Inc x8 (16)

3. (1sc, inc) x8 (24)

4. (2sc, inc) x8 (32)

5. (3sc, inc) x8 (40)

6. (4sc, inc) x8 (48)

7-13. 48sc

14. 2sc, dec, 16sc, (dec, 4sc) x4, dec, 2sc (42)

15. 42sc

16. (4sc, dec) x7 (35)

17. 35sc

18. (3sc, dec) x7 (28)

19. (2sc, dec) x7 (21)

20-24. 21sc

Stuff the body

25. (1sc, dec) x7 (14)

26. dec x7 (7)

Arms make 2

1. 6sc in mr (6)

2. inc x6 (12)

3. (1sc, inc) x6 (18)

4. (2sc, inc) x6 (24)

5-7. 24sc

8. decx5 14sc (19)

9. decx3, 13sc (16)

10-18 16sc

Stuff the hand firmly and the arm half way up loosely

19. decx8

20. decx4

Sew the hole tog and fasten yarn

Legs make 2

1. 8sc in mr (8)

2. inc x8 (16)

3. (1sc, inc) x8 (24)

4. (2sc, inc) x8 (32)

5. (3sc, inc) x8 (40)

6-10. 40sc

11. decx11, 18sc (29)

12. decx6, 15sc, dec (22)

13-25. 22sc

Stuff the foot firmly and the leg half way up loosely

26. decx11 (11)

27. decx5, then dec 1 over this rounds last st and next rounds first st(6)

Sew the hole tog and fasten yarn


1. 6sc in mr

2-22. 6sc (6)

Now sew the ears to the head, use white cotton yarn to shape the face. Sew legs and arms to the body, sew the tail to the back and the head onto the body.


Twin the pipecleaners and cut at the correct length, place inside tail and sew the hole shut

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