Free bow earmwarmer pattern – written and video tutorial

Free bow earmwarmer pattern – written and video tutorial

This is a super simple and fast pattern to make and it turns out adorable on any kid! I wanted a cute and matching headband for my kids to wear, I love to match them with each other. And I might be biased but they are the cutest I have ever seen.

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In this post you will find the directions for the headband in size 0-3 months, for instructions on how to fold the headband and tie the bow you can watch this video.

If you want the pattern in all sizes along with directions and measurements for all types of yarn, I made a premium pattern with step by step pictures for you that you can find here.

For this headband I used Paintbox Yarns Simply chunky, it’s my all-time favorite yarn, it is so soft and easy to work with. And glides on my hook like an ice princess. And the best is not even the quality of the yarn but the price. It’s good quality yarn for your bucks and 136m on one ball. I tend to place my orders on lovecrafts when they have great deals on this yarn. Which is like every other day, so if you don’t want to get really hooked on a new yarn, DON’T BUY IT! But if you feel like getting hooked you can find it here – PAINTBOX YARNS

This headband is made with bulky weight yarn and 5,5 mm or 6,0mm crochet hook, or yarn and hook required to make gauge. I tend to crochet a little looser, so I use a 5,5mm hook to make sure my stitches are nice and even.

Gauge: 7 rows of 6 sc = 5 cm square


0-3m: chain 76

We will work on both sides of the chain

  1. In 2nd ch from hook make 2 sc, then 1 sc in each st until the last ch place a marker in the last sc, in the last ch make 3 sc. Working on the other side of chain make 1 sc in each st, sl st into first st.
  2. Ch 1 make 2 sc in same st as sl st, 2 sc in next st, 1 sc in each st until st marker, 1 sc in same as st marker (place a new sts marker in this st) 2 sc in 3 sts, 1 sc in each st until last st, 2 sc in last st, sl st into first st.
  3. Ch 1, 2 sc in same st, 2 sc in next st, 1 sc in each st until marker, 1 sc in 2 sts, 2 sc in 3 sts, 1 sc in each st until last st, sl st into first st.
  4. Ch 1, 1 sc in each st all around, sl st into last st, fasten of and weave in ends.

Making the bow:

Fold the headband in half with wrong side togheter, from the folded end measure and sew across the headband

0-3m: 6”/15,2cm

For directions on how to tie the bow watch this video, and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any new pattern or giveaway!

Video tutorial 

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